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Our skin is a mirror of what is happening inside our body 

Written by Annamaria Gonzalez



Holistic signifies uniting, physically emotionally and mentally.  Our well-being depends on our physical, emotional, and mental state to be able to nourish ourselves and our skin perfectly.   


The skin is touched by various aspects of life. What we consume and expose ourselves in the environment. It is necessary to consider diet, stress levels, hormones, physical conditions and other internal/external factors just to name a few.  Understanding ourselves and those powerful lifestyle factors is vital before customizing a sustainable skincare regime. The skin is our largest organ. It reflects the health of all our other internal organs and what condition they are in. 


Promoting holistic skincare can benefit skin immunity, removal of impurities and improve barrier protection, whilst alleviating mental stress and improving emotional well-being. Nurturing the mind and soul is just as relevant as caring for the skin and the body.

>>Holistic skincare indulges in using natural ingredients and allows you to enjoy the services of botanicals, plant extracts, oils, essential oils, and many other components, providing you with refinement.<<

The goal is to have healthy, glowing, natural, luminous skin by balancing all the internal and external factors. Understanding that path and becoming comfortable with your own skin and becoming the best version of yourself. Using the right tools, we can transform from rock to diamond.  When you accept and persevere with love for yourself, this will manifest. 

The intention is to establish what our skin reacts to, what causes acne or any other skin irritation and learn how to build a unique relationship with your skin. We are the ones responsible for optimizing our lifestyle and the promotion of our body’s capacity for self-balancing. Learn to listen to the messages your skin is sending you. 


Come along with us, discover how to become best friends with your skin understanding holistic skincare habits and our approach

Written by Annamaria Gonzalez, May 2024




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