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Our Values

Since its founding in 2020, Naato&Co has been a beauty destination for innovative, high quality products, fully Holistic & Ayurvedic  that our customers love and trust.

All our products are:

  • Carefully handcraft with lots of love in small batches.

  • Pure Ayurvedic formulas and Holistic principles from natural origin.

  •  We provide truly safe non-toxic skincare formulas, that actually work.

  • Our products are 100% Cruelty-Free. We only test in ourselves, friends and family.

  • Plant-based formulas. We take deeply into consideration your skin, the plants, and the environment that surround us.

  • We're almost fully waterless or water-free beauty. This way our products contain higher levels of active ingredients. We use the minimum amount necessary in the products that contain water, less than 10%, except in our distilled plant and floral based hydrosols. Billions of people around the world lack of adequate access to water, creating water stress a real issue. Let's not use such a precious resource if we can avoid it. 

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we do not include in our cosmetics
we do not include in our cosmetics

Our Vision

We formulate and design everything from the core. From carefully choosing highly effective ingredients, (working with the best suppliers that provide us with responsible and quality raw materials), to choosing the final look and scent that our products will have. We're also very selective with the packaging we use. For us, our cosmetics are a work-of-art. 

''Our goal is to formulate and create a full range of skincare products that have the power to enhance what’s naturally genuine and beautiful ...yourself.'' 

Natasha. CEO & Founder.


Clean Beauty

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