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Naato&Co Founder

Meet Natasha

I'm resilient, determined and an enthusiast for life. No difficulties are impossible to overcome if you set your mind to do so. It's a matter of positive attitude, perseverance and mentality. And that is what this brand embraces. Bring your skin to life with our curated Skincare Rituals.

Natasha Mendez, CEO and Founder

We are a family-owned business.

Founded by Apothecary and botanical skincare specialist from Hispanic Heritage Natasha Mendez. She shared a mission with her mother, to provide holistic products inspired by ancient technics of herbalism and traditional Ayurveda-based principles.
After working for more than 10 years as Digital Creative Designer for many important brands, she realized she was in the wrong side of the industry. So she decided to create her own Holistic Skincare brand formulated with the healing power of Ayurveda-based, Apothecary and Aromatherapy where the main ethical principles are respected, as they should be. We decided to combine Indian ancient techniques of herbalism and traditional Ayurveda-based principles, which we cherished so deeply.

We celebrate Joy, Love, Nature, Tradition and a strong belief in the Spiritual part that forms Life as a whole.

Naato&Co is a beautiful young and uplifting brand where Natasha's passion is reflected in every single formulation, product and design.

About Us

Meet our Team. This is Naato&Co.

Our team of All-Stars-Heroes come from different multi-cultural backgrounds to share their wide experience in the holistic skincare industry with you. We are a passionate team about making you look naturally ravishing!

Our team is always ready to tackle new ideas with enthusiasm and a shared passion for delivering exceptional products.

Organic Beauty Products

Our  team is devoted, professional and passionate.

Small but Mighty!

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